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Sky Expo Rentals understands that, you need to be able to “grab and go” exhibit materials that are consistent, high quality, and still customizable — maybe there’s a deadline quickly approaching, budget constraints, conflicting shows, your current display needs a style upgrade, or you’re short-staffed. No matter the issue, we’ve got you covered. We’re proud to offer a full line of custom booths we can ship these anywhere in the United States.

Same quality, new perspective

Sky Expo is a new expo rental company. We branched off from Blue Sky Expos, a high-end, custom expo provider. We draw on those years of experience to create stunning exhibits and provide them to you. We hope you will choose us.

– Sky Expo Rentals

Meet Our Team

Darryl brings with him a wealth of experience from his background as a Product Designer, Architect, Project Manager and Project Supervisor. He has managed some of our largest accounts and uses his broad knowledge of exhibit design and fabrication to ensure that we exceed your expectations. Prior to joining Blue Sky Exhibits, Darryl served as Managing Partner for the companies of 4Dzines / DesignShop, LLC. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, he moved to Atlanta, GA in 1995. He has enjoyed serving the community all his life, having been a “Big Brother” since 1990, and volunteering for “Habitat For Humanity” programs. He enjoys designing furniture, painting, sculpting, and playing a wide variety of sports.

- Darryl Peterson | CEO

Dennis has 20+ years of management experience across the enterprise, from strategic planning and nationwide logistics to project planning, implementation, and on-site supervision of teams. He has exceptional project management skills, emphasizing attention to detail, contingency planning, and on-the-fly problem-solving. He has a reputation for reliability under pressure and “controlling the uncontrollable.” He is also known for his “whatever it takes” commitment to clients and to delivering results on time and budget.

- Dennis Doyle | Director of Operations