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Exhibit Rentals

Are you going to a trade show and need a custom-designed booth rental? Buying isn’t always the logical choice. Sometimes, you need a rental booth to make the process easier, simpler, and budget-friendly.

Why Go for Exhibit Rentals?

Wondering why you should go for trade show rentals? Consider these reasons:

  • You have multiple trade shows with overlapping dates
  • You need to fill out a large space or want to refresh your current exhibit design
  • You want to try out new designs
  • You want to save up on costs for insurance, repair, or other fees that come with purchasing trade show displays
  • You hope to avoid complex components like handling of the exhibit, storage, shipping, and assembly.

Why Should You Choose Sky Expo Rentals for Your Trade Show Rental Exhibit?

If you’re considering rental exhibits for an upcoming tradeshow, you can always count on Sky Expo Rentals to deliver you the best. With us, you get high-quality, custom-made trade show exhibit rentals that are just a fraction of purchasing them. Plus, we’ll handle all the logistics, and you won’t have to worry about a thing, including shipping, storage, and assembly of the rental exhibit.

Whether you need a kiosk, exhibit, counter, showcase, a hanging sign, or more, our design team is always ready for the task. You can choose from our hundreds of available rentals that can be custom-designed according to your requirements, and don’t worry; we’ll integrate your brand with our rental booth and create a truly customized and one-of-a-kind display for you.

We don’t take our job lightly — we provide complete end-to-end services that start from understanding your needs and goals to delivering your rental to the show. We ship, install, assemble, and dismantle the whole thing ourselves. Every rental exhibit that we create is rigorously inspected before shipping to ensure the highest quality standards for you.

So, if you think you need a trade show exhibit rental that is enough to wow your audience and leave a lasting mark on them, Sky Expo Rentals is the company to choose. We’ll make you a booth that’ll increase your visibility and interaction and stay well remembered.